Privacy Policy

Your privacy is critically important to us. At FutureRetro we have a few fundamental principles:

Different apps may require different permissions in order to run. On Android, you can always see the permissions requested by an app before downloading it. For reference, the different permissions for Android apps are detailed here: Android Permissions

Some of our games may have advertisements. In order to show ads, certain data must be sent to the ad networks that we use. This data may include location data, device identifiers, hardware information, language settings, and other information. Since that data is used by the third-party ad networks, it is subject to the ad networks' privacy policies. Currently, we may show ads from:

We also may use analytics in order to improve our games. This requires collecting anonymized data on how are games are being played (e.g., how often they're played, how far you advance, etc). Currently, we do not collect user IDs for analytics purposes, although this may change in the future. Also, if we can, we anonymize IP address before sending them to Google Analytics, because we really don't need nor want your IP address. Analytics data is subject to Google's privacy policy: Google Privacy Policy

We also may collect statistics about how people find our apps. For example, if an app is discovered via a link from, or via Twitter, or via a direct search on Google Play or the App Store.

Anonymized statistics about visitors to may also be collected, including, but not limited to, browser type, operating system, IP address, device type (e.g., phone vs tablet vs PC), time spent on pages, links clicked, etc.

Additionally, anonymized analytics about the hardware that our games run on may be collected by Unity, and is subject to their privacy policy: Unity3D Privacy Policy

This page will be kept up-to-date with our most recent privacy policy. Since our privacy policy may change from time to time, please check back for updates. As of now, this privacy policy is a work in progress, and is not yet an exhaustive list of all the data FutureRetro may collect from users of its website and applications. We're not trying to hide anything - we're just not quite done yet with the long legalese version. For questions about our privacy policy, feel free to email us at